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It's A Lovely Cake

It's A Lovely Cake Jewellery - Chunky Chinese Coin and Beckoning Cat Bag Charm

It's A Lovely Cake Jewellery - Chunky Chinese Coin and Beckoning Cat Bag Charm

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Introducing our "Fortune & Luck" bag charm, a charming accessory that brings prosperity and positive energy wherever you go. This unique bag charm features a sturdy brass chain adorned with authentic brass Chinese coins, each symbolizing wealth and good fortune. Adding a playful touch to the charm is a beautifully crafted ceramic waving cat, known as a Maneki-neko, believed to bring good luck and happiness. The combination of the brass elements with the cheerful waving cat creates a delightful blend of traditional symbolism and modern charm. Easily attachable to any bag, purse, or backpack, this "Fortune & Luck" bag charm is the perfect way to carry a bit of good fortune with you. Elevate your style and attract positive vibes with this exquisite charm from It's A Lovely Cake!

Hey there, Starchild! Welcome to the world of funky, chunky one of a kind statement jewellery! Everything we make is one of a kind because we use a lot of vintage materials and recycled/upcycled beads and bits - so you will never see anyone wearing the same jewellery as your fabulous self.

Purchasing one-of-a-kind handmade jewellery doesn't just mean owning a beautiful piece of cake, but it's an investment in creativity, uniqueness, and supports the small business community.

Looking for something more personal? We love custom work! Hit us up and let us know what you are looking for. 

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